Shapewear Foundations

Shapewear Foundations

Shapewear foundations at slimming

A solid foundation 
Shapewear is great for larger ladies, but also for anyone who wants a nicer shape and a little slimming under their frocks. It gives you confidence in clothes – and that has to be a good thing. The right shapewear foundation underneath will make whatever you wear on top look so much better. Control garments coax your silhouette into an hourglass shape. Always wear your normal size – don’t be tempted to go down a size, as it will bunch up and look worse! 


The shift in Shapewear 

Shapewear foundations have seen such a huge growth over the past five years. The technical advances in fabric have meant that you don’t have to buy an old-fashioned, uncomfortable boned corset for a nipped-in waist. Now you can snap up simple garments like Spanx, which have a level of compression built into them, pulling you in. Other types of controlwear give you heavier control and really contour your shape.


Go for full cover 
Avoid anything that finishes at the waistline because that’s where a lot of women carry extra weight, and it just leads to an unflattering shape. Go for a high-waisted option that starts from under your bustline and finishes at the top of your legs, ensuring a smooth shape.  SPANX super higher power shapewear is a good example of this. shapewear foundations

With a waistband that sits directly under your bra, these beat old tummy-control knickers because you’re not left with a roll of flab over the waistband. They shape you from hips to waist. On the legs they’re more like low-denier tights, slowly graduating up to a powerful, thick fabric that’ll definitely give you a slimmer appearance.

Or try a waist-nipper. This sits under the bustline and ends at the top of the hip, and often has a hook-and-eye fastening, which centralises the control around the waist, giving you an hourglass shape. This gorgeous waist nipper, which at just £23 sounds too good to be true. Holding in the waist, this piece of shapewear will make you appear an entire dress size thinner. And we definitely love that! We think it’s pretty sexy too, and in both nude and black, it’s a lovely piece of slimming shapewear for the collection. So take a look at Flexees Easy up Firm control waist nipper, and see how slim you feel! shapewear foundations

 How to slim the thighs 

If you’re after thigh-slimming, look out for shapewear foundation pieces that resemble cycling shorts! These ones manage to be quite sexy too and are super strong. So if it is your thighs that need an extra bit of shapewear help,  why not opt for briefs that specifically slim the thighs? The good news is that the needn’t be beige and ugly. No, Spendour have come to the rescue again with these thigh slimmers. For women up to size 34, these are strong shapewear for plus size ladies, that are also sexy. These will smooth and slim the thighs, ensuring you feel confident and attractive underneath your clothes. As an added bonus Splendour’s High Waist Thigh Slimmers will also smooth and slim your tummy and waist. Good huh? £41 is a snip for all that slimming shapewear. Available here.

shapewear foundations